Hazardous Cat Toys

Cats need to play regularly, and many times a homemade toy can work just as well as a store-bought one. Cat owners need to be careful, though, as many common cat toys present a health hazard. Read more below as your Upper Arlington veterinarian cautions you against the dangers of some cat playthings.

Ribbon, Yarn, String

Any stringy object, like ribbon, yarn, or twine, can present a health hazard. Unfortunately, most cats will absolutely love a piece of string, so we need to be extra conscientious. If the string is long enough, a cat could potentially strangle himself; what’s worse, string poses a choking hazard. If your cat swallows it, it can block the intestine or wrap around your cat’s insides. Call your veterinarian immediately if your cat has swallowed a piece of string.

Plastic Bags

Cats might like to get into plastic bags and romp around, but it’s a bad idea. For one, the handles present a strangling or tangling hazard if your cat gets his neck or limbs caught in them. Two, your cat could potentially get stuck in the bag and suffocate.

Bouncy Balls

Small ball-shaped objects, while attractive to cats, can easily be swallowed. Your cat can choke on a ball accidentally while playing, so it’s best to make sure any ball toys are large enough that they can’t possibly be swallowed.

Commercial Toys

Many toys we buy our cats from pet stores or retail outlets aren’t entirely safe, either. Some toys might have small parts that can break off, like the plastic eyes of a stuffed animal. Any small removable parts of toys should be removed before you introduce the item to your feline friend.

The best course of action is to use common sense when purchasing or giving toys to your cat. Remove any objects that could potentially break off, and chose toys that are safe and large enough to prevent a choking hazard. Supervise your cat during playtime to make sure she doesn’t swallow anything or get tangled up. With your help, your cat can have a safe and fun playtime without any risk!