Volunteer Opportunities for You and Your Dog

You’ve always enjoyed volunteer work, and your community’s non-profit groups can always use a helping hand. You also know that Biscuit, your yellow Labrador retriever, would absolutely love to join you. Biscuit loves everybody, and his easygoing nature will help break the ice with everyone he meets. Before you can commit to any owner-dog volunteering, though, Biscuit needs a clean bill of health from his Upper Arlington veterinarian. You’d also like the vet to confirm that Biscuit is well suited to volunteer work.


Canine Good Citizen Badge

First, Biscuit needs to go back to school. Although Biscuit led the class in obedience skills, he’s about to work toward an even more challenging goal: his American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen badge. To get this sought-after credential, Biscuit must complete a 10-part test showcasing his obedience skills and stellar manners. Biscuit will have to demonstrate his skills at home and through interactions with others. Ask your vet, or a well-regarded dog trainer, where to find a Canine Good Citizen program.


Care and Comfort Visitor

Hospitals can be a lonely place for patients who face medical issues and personal uncertainty. Perhaps your community hospital will invite you and Biscuit to visit with dog-loving patients who would appreciate Biscuit’s cold nose and warm, loving nature. Ask your hospital’s patient advocate if the facility operates such a program, and how you and Biscuit can participate. If the hospital doesn’t currently provide this service, ask if you and Biscuit can pioneer this effort.


Friendly Reading Buddy

Perhaps your local elementary school librarian or principal can help Biscuit become a reading buddy to kids who require reading help. Through the “Tail Waggin’ Tutor” program, operated by Therapy Dogs International, Biscuit can sit with a reading-challenged youngster as they read aloud to your friendly, affectionate pooch. As the child becomes more confident, he’ll be more likely to read to his own dog. While you’ll play a supporting role, Biscuit will definitely be running the show.


Animal Rescue Ambassador

Perhaps your local animal rescue group needs friendly human/canine teams to participate in pet fairs and other community activities. While Biscuit’s the perfect canine ambassador, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the group’s mission and services before attending any events.


While Biscuit will be super busy with his volunteer activities, he’ll always make time to share his successes with your Upper Arlington vet and his staff.