Common Pocket Pet Health Problems

Pocket pets pack a lot of charm and personality into their small bodies. You know that’s true, as your pet rat Charlie captivates you with his antics every day. Charlie’s the picture of pocket pet health, as his hair coat shines from regular grooming. Charlie also eats well and produces normal-looking feces, which isn’t especially exciting for you but does mean he’s healthy. Even with regular care and plenty of personal attention, though, Charlie and other pocket pets commonly fall victim to varied medical problems. Good thing your Grandview veterinarian can diagnose and treat Charlie’s ailments.


Respiratory System

If Charlie seems to have trouble breathing, or appears to be sneezing, he might be suffering from respiratory problems. You might also notice some nasal discharge and a blood-like liquid leaking from his eyes.


Dental Problems

Perhaps Charlie hasn’t been eating normally, and he drops food on his cage floor when he does eat. Not surprisingly, Charlie’s been losing weight, too. He’s probably in discomfort from misaligned teeth. Fortunately, your vet can easily trim Charlie’s choppers so he can chow down normally again.


External Parasites

Even though Charlie’s a clean pocket pet, he’s likely to pick up some external parasites during his lifetime. You’ll probably notice that he’s lost some hair and seems to be very itchy. You might even see lice moving on his hair coat. Your vet can treat Charlie with a parasite-specific medication.


Liquid Feces

Charlie eats like a champ, and he shows his appreciation by leaving lots of normal-looking feces around his cage. If Charlie’s poops begin to take liquid form, get him to your vet quickly, as you don’t want Charlie to become dehydrated.


Tumor Growth

While all pocket pets can contract tumors, rats and mice seem to be most susceptible to them, especially as they get older. If you notice a suspicious mass or growth on Charlie’s body, ask your vet to evaluate him immediately.


Because your Grandview vet is familiar with pocket pet medical issues, he can take the lead in keeping Charlie healthy. After all, he wants your little friend to enjoy a fun-filled life with your family, too.