Keeping Your Cat Calm During Vet Visits

If your cat is like most, she probably doesn’t like the vet’s office very much. It’s no real surprise, considering she’s poked, prodded, and paraded around in the presence of strangers! There are a few ways to try and help your cat stay calm, though. Try these tips from a Grandview vet.

Get Cat Used to the Carrier

Does your cat only ever get in her crate to go to the vet’s office? No wonder she feels anxious about it! Try using your cat’s carrier for other trips that are a lot more fun for your feline friend. Take her to a friend’s house for a kitty play date or to an outdoor park where she can explore a bit. Use plenty of cat treats and verbal praise to help your cat associate good feelings with the carrier experience.

Get Cat Used to the Car

Just as your cat probably harbors negative feelings about the carrier, she very likely doesn’t like the car, either. Use the car to take your cat somewhere else besides just the vet’s office. This way, she’ll realize that getting in the carrier and using the car can’t only result in bad things! It can even be helpful simply to drive around the block a few times, then return home.

Mock Exams

Set up a table in the basement or a back room and perform a fake exam on your cat. Put her up on the table and prod her body a bit, feeling her sides and limbs. You can even try faking veterinary instruments with common items like flashlights or a pen. Using plenty of verbal praise and cat treats, your cat will get used to the sensations she’ll feel at the vet’s office not associate them with fear or anxiety.

Waiting Room Tips

Always keep your cat in the carrier once you’ve arrived at the waiting room. Most cats will feel much more secure if they stay in the crate. It will also prevent any unwanted contact with other pets or owners. Some cats will enjoy a favorite toy from home or a treat or two while they wait.

Talk to your Grandview veterinary professional for more great tips. Next time your cat needs to go to the vet, she doesn’t have to be terrified!