Best Treats for Hedgehogs

Is your Upper Arlington pet a hedgehog? If so, you have a very cute pet! You will probably enjoy giving your little buddy treats. Like any other pets, hedgies love treats. Your hedgie will benefit from treats in several ways. Scattering treats in your pet’s cage will encourage him to dig around and forage for them, which is something Hedgie does naturally. This works better with dry treats than wet ones, as you don’t want food spoiling if your hedgehog doesn’t find it.

You can feed your hedgie treats once he has had some time to get comfortable and settled into his new home. You can give your little pet treats daily, but don’t go overboard. You don’t want your hedgie to confuse treats with his regular daily diet.


Your hedgie will enjoy freeze dried or canned insects. You can feed your little one live insects as well. Wax worms, mealworms, silk worms, and crickets are favorites of your little insectivore. Farm raised insects are always preferable to wild caught ones, as wild insects can carry parasites, and may also have been exposed to pesticides or toxins.


You can feed your hedgie meat, so long as it is cooked and unseasoned. Do not give your hedgehog processed meats. Salmon, chicken, and turkey are best. Beef and pork are ok as well, just feed these meats in moderation.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits are easier on a hedgie’s tummy than vegetables, though both can be given in moderation. If you are giving your little buddy veggies, make sure to cook them well so he can’t choke on hard pieces. Avoid corn and peas, as they are high in phosphorous. Some of the fruits and veggies your little one can enjoy include asparagus, bell peppers, cooked carrots, cucumbers, apples, blueberries, bananas, mango, papaya, honeydew, and melon. Avoid grapes and avocados, as these are difficult for your little pet to digest.

Other Treats

You can also give your hedgie baby food, eggs, tofu, and a bit of yogurt or cottage cheese. Canned cat food is fine on occasion.

Foods to Avoid

Don’t give your hedgie milk or cheese. Hard foods like almonds and peanuts should also be avoided, as your little one can choke on them. Also, keep away from sweets or fried foods; raw foods; foods that have a high salt content; and canned meats or veggies.

Keeping your hedgehog happy will keep your pet more sociable and friendly, and treats are a great way to make your Upper Arlington hedgehog content. Just be careful not to overfeed your little buddy.

Please check our site frequently for more tips on caring for your pet hedgehog.