Your First Cat

If you are bringing a cat into your Grandview home, and have never had a cat before, you are in for a treat. Cats are adorable, loving pets. Your furball will bring unconditional love, cuddles, and a lot of laughter into your life. There are always some decisions to be made when getting a new pet.

Here are a few of the choices a cat owner will want to make:

Indoor vs Outdoor

Most veterinarians recommend keeping your kitty indoors. Cats that are indoors-only tend to be healthier and live longer. They are less at risk of picking up fleas or parasites, and they won’t drop gifts on your door. Kitties in urban areas are at risk from cars, stray dogs, and, sadly, some people. Country areas are a bit safer, but there are more predators in the country.

Wet Food vs Dry Food

In the wild, Kitty’s diet had high moisture content, as she would typically survive on raw prey. For this reason, many vets recommend a wet food diet. That said, dry kibble does have its benefits. It is cheaper, and lasts longer in Kitty’s bowl. Talk to your vet for recommendations on what you should feed your little furball.

Cat vs Kitten

Kittens are very hard to resist. They are, to put it bluntly, almost unbearably cute. Many people also like the idea of getting their kitty as a baby, so the cat grows up with them. The kitten stage, however cute, is kind of like having a toddler with fangs and claws. Kittens need constant monitoring, and they do manage to get themselves into trouble quite easily, so you have to be very careful to kittenproof your home. There are benefits to getting an adult cat. Adult cats can make very sweet, loving pets. Grown up kitties are calmer, and generally less apt to attack your feet while you are walking past. They also stand a much smaller chance of being adopted, so you could be saving a furball’s life.

One Kitty vs Two Kitties

Cats are very flexible and adaptable in several ways. Kitties can do fine alone, but if your furball is going to be left to herself for most of the day, she may appreciate having a feline friend to lounge around with while you are at work. Getting a second cat does mean more expense, but you also get twice the cuteness, twice the cuddles, and twice the kitty love. Much of the expense of a second kitty can be absorbed, as your kitties can share toys and beds.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions on how to properly care for your Grandview cat.