Keeping Your Ferret Happy

If you have a ferret in your Upper Arlington home, you’ll want to be sure to properly socialize your little pet. Ferrets can make wonderful house pets, but they may need a bit of help to get them to relax and to not form bad habits, such as nipping. Ferrets tend to be very playful with one another, and often nip each other as a regular form of communication. Your ferret may need to be taught some manners, so your pet will understand that it can’t play with a human in the same manner it would play with another ferret.

Here are some tips on keeping your ferret tame and happy:


Ferrets need a cage for their home, but they also need quite a bit of time outside the cage. These curious, playful little creatures need lots of stimulation to be happy, so your pet will need time to run around. Your ferret should be caged when you are out, but when you are home, let the little one out. You’ll need to keep a sharp eye on your little wanderer, as ferrets can get in trouble with wires and other household items.


One way to get your ferret used to being handled is to buy a backpack or fanny pack, and keep your ferret in it while you are relaxing. Talk to your ferret and pet it gently. Your ferret will relax, and feel safe in his portable little home. You should handle your ferret every day, to ensure your little pet becomes tame and friendly. If your ferret struggles, you may be able to calm it down by holding it at the shoulders and moving it very gently back and forth. For some reason, ferrets seem to enjoy this. It’s possible that this reminds them of how their mothers carried them when they were just kits. Make sure your ferret is completely awake and aware of you before you pick him up, as ferrets don’t like it when their nap times are interrupted, and your little friend could nip if you startle him out of his sleep by picking him up.

Happy Ferrets

Ferrets do some very cute things when they are happy. Some ferrets will wag their tails, like a dog. Other ferrets will make a clucking or chortling sound to let you know they are content. There is a term for this: it’s called ‘dooking.’ Ferrets also sometimes ‘dance’ when they’re happy. This one is a bit tricky to describe, but you will probably recognize a ferret’s happy dance if you see one.

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