First-Class Pocket Pet Accommodations

Your hamster Rocky absolutely loves his comfy new habitat. With help from your Grandview veterinarian, you bought Rocky a spacious multilevel enclosure, and you filled it with high-quality furnishings and exercise equipment. While a gerbil or pet rat might also appreciate this generous setup, a guinea pig wouldn’t care, as those larger rodents spend all their time on the cage’s ground floor. Now that Rocky’s living in the lap of luxury, you can watch your little pet enjoy himself. Read more about pocket pet habitats below.

Spacious Enclosure

Rocky’s roomy glass aquarium gives him plenty of living space, and it’s also easy for you to clean. A sturdy plastic enclosure would also work. You’ve secured a mesh screen on one side of Rocky’s cage, as extra ventilation prevents him from getting gassed by his urine-related ammonia fumes. Remember, if you lightly press the screen in place to shorten your cage cleaning time, Rocky will love you forever since he can escape more easily. After all, small rodents have all attended the “Cage Escapes” webinar, and they know how to outsmart the humans who believe they know best.

Quality Home Furnishings

Rocky will be delighted with several tunnels and tubes, as he loves to explore cozy small spaces. While Rocky enjoys hamming it up for your family and friends, he needs some downtime in a small hide box where the photo hounds can’t reach him. Although you can purchase tunnels, tubes, and hide boxes at pet stores and online retailers, Rocky will be equally pleased with wrapping paper and paper towel rolls (but don’t let him eat the cardboard). If you have basic woodworking skills, you can make Rocky a hide box he’ll find acceptable.

Custom Exercise Wheel

Since Rocky wants to stay in shape, he’ll need an exercise wheel tailored to his hamster-sized body. If the wheel is too large, Rocky can trap and break his little feet. If the wheel is too tiny, he won’t get much benefit from using it.

Hygienic Bedding

After scurrying and working out all day, Rocky just wants to burrow in his soft little nest. Get Rocky some paper-based bedding if possible; although oak or aspen shavings could also work. Avoid cedar shavings, as they can cause respiratory problems. Change Rocky’s bedding often to prevent ammonia fumes buildup and mold growth. Store spare bedding in heavy-duty bins inside your home; this prevents wild rodents from possibly rooting through garage-kept bedding.

Now that Rocky has settled into his spacious hamster apartment, take him to your Grandview vet for a new patient exam. You want Rocky to stay healthy so he can enjoy his new luxury habitat.