Toys for Guinea Pigs

Do you have a Guinea pig in your house? These cute and inquisitive little furballs are very popular pets. Guinea pigs are quite curious and intelligent, so to keep your little one happy and entertained, you’ll need to provide him with plenty of toys. In this article, your local vet Upper Arlington goes over some great options for things you can give your piggy.

Tunnels and Caves

Guineas are, of course, quite small, and often feel safe in little places. These little guys absolutely love tunnels and mazes. You can make your own out of cardboard or large PVC pipes, use kitty tunnels, or buy some made just for Guinea pigs. Log tunnels are a big hit with Guinea pigs. You can make your own, or buy one pre-made. Hiding some treats or hay in a tunnel or maze will make this even more fun for your little pet. To keep things fresh, rearrange or reconfigure your pet’s mazes and tunnels regularly.

Hidey Holes

There are all sorts of options for cute homes you can build yourself for your pet out of cardboard boxes, paper bags, or wooden storage bins. You can also purchase cute little homes that look like igloos, log cabins, castles, or caves.

Comfy Beds

Just like us, our furry friends like having a soft and comfy bed to sleep in. You can get your Guinea a small cat bed, or make one out of a hat, kitty play tent, or even a cardboard box. Use fleece, plain tee shirts, or towels for lining.


Guinea pigs love cardboard! You can make your pet all sorts of toys using paper towel or toilet paper rolls, old tissue boxes, or cardboard boxes. Cut up toilet paper rolls into rings, and then put them together to make a little ball, and hide a treat in it. You can also stuff hay or fresh, piggy-safe herbs in an old toilet paper tube.

Chew Toys

Guinea pigs need to chew, so your pet will always need chew toys. Wicker, straw or wooden chew toys are great options, and come in many shapes and sizes. Chewable balls, hanging chews, or ‘kabob’ toys are also great choices for amusing your piggy. Make sure to get only untreated wood.


Try scrunching up a ball of plain paper, and putting a treat inside, or make a little container out of paper and put some hay in it. Plain shredded paper in a box can also be lots of fun for your piggy!

Do you have any questions about caring for your Guinea pig? Please contact us any time. As your local vet clinic Upper Arlington, we are happy to help!