Which Bird is Right for You?

Have you recently decided to adopt a pet bird? Our winged friends are quite enchanting, and can make absolutely wonderful pets. There are many species of birds which are suitable for being kept as pets, and they all have their own distinctive traits and personalities. In this article, your Upper Arlington vet goes over some features and qualities to consider when choosing a bird.


If you would like a small bird, you may enjoy a canary or finch. Cockatiels, parakeets, parrotlets, and lovebirds are also on the small side. Lories and Lorikeets, small conures, caiques, and Pionus Parrots are slightly bigger. Many of the larger bird species also make excellent pets. Amazons, large conures, cockatoos, African Grey parrots, and macaws are all big birds with very loyal fans. Keep in mind that a bigger bird means a bigger cage, so you’ll want to factor this in as well.


One area in which different types of birds vary greatly is noise level. Do you want a pet that sings along to your favorite songs? One that chirps and chatters constantly? Or one that rarely makes any noise at all? Some people are taken aback by the unexpected volume of a beautiful bird, while others may be disappointed to find that their winged pets won’t sing. Cockatiels and lovebirds are among the quieter birds, while conures, cockatoos, and macaws rank among the loudest. When it comes to talking, parakeets, Amazons, and African Greys are among the most talkative birds. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees that any individual bird will pick up speech.


Do you want a winged buddy that enjoys cuddling, or would you prefer an aloof bird that looks pretty but doesn’t care for being handled too often? This is another thing to consider. Cockatoos are known for being affectionate and enjoying snuggle time with their humans. At the other end of the spectrum, parakeets, canaries, and finches tend to be more reserved, and only rarely cuddle.


Another factor which may affect your decision is longevity. Some birds, such as the Cockatoo, can live over 60 years. Make sure you can make that kind of commitment, especially if it seems likely that your pet will outlive you.

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