Dog Park Etiquette

Summertime is a great chance to spend some time with your dog outdoors. Many of our canine friends love dog parks. We have several in the area, including Wheeler Dog Park, Scioto Audubon Metro Park, and Wyman Woods. Before taking Fido out for some fresh air, fun in the sun, and playtime with his canine buddies, read these tips from a local Upper Arlington, OH, veterinarian.


Doggy play dates aren’t appropriate for all pooches. Don’t bring an intact dog or female in estrus to a dog park. Puppies, small dogs, and timid dogs can all be easily overwhelmed by other pooches. Some parks offer different sections for different sizes. Keep Fido safely in his comfort zone.


Does Fido ever growl or lunge at other dogs? Make sure Fido will play nice before taking him to a doggy play date. Never let your canine buddy off-leash in an unfenced area, unless you are absolutely sure he will obey your verbal commands and come when called.


Treats can be a great way to reward Fido and help teach him good doggy manners, but they aren’t appropriate in all occasions. Doling out treats to your furry pal in the presence of other dogs can cause quite a ruckus!


Keep a very close eye on Fido and his friends, and watch out for aggressive dogs. You also want to make sure that your pooch is not bullying other dogs or being bullied himself. Be ready to intervene if needed, and take your canine pal home if things get too rough.


Before taking Fido to a dog park, make sure he is current on all required vaccinations. Many dog parks require proof of vaccination before allowing entry. Keep copies of Fido’s paperwork in your car. If you have a smartphone, send scanned copies to yourself, so you can access them from your email at any time.


Don’t forget to pick up after your pooch. It isn’t a bad idea to keep disposal bags in your car at all times, so you always have some with you. While many parks do set out baggies for canine waste, you don’t want to find that you and Fido showed up on the day they ran out.

Does Fido need shots or an exam? Call us! As your local Upper Arlington, OH, veterinary clinic, we are always here to help!