Help Us Help Charlie

Charlie is four years old, but looking at his medical record you would guess he was much older.   Since he was a young dog he had frequent, uncontrolled seizures. When the seizures became more than his owner could handle, Golden Endings Golden Retriever Rescue took him in.   His foster mom worked tirelessly with the medical staff at Village Gate Animal Hospital & Pet Resort to control his seizures.   With the right dose of medication, and dedicated care from his foster mom, Charlie became seizure free.

But he still was overweight and tired frequently.   That was odd for such a young dog – even one with epilepsy.   Then one evening he began to pant. He was restless the entire evening and Charlie’s foster mom knew he needed immediate medical attention. She brought him to Village Gate Animal Hospital where he had bloodwork and X-Rays.   The bloodwork was fine, but the X-Rays showed a “pneumothorax”. Charlie’s chest was full of air outside of the lungs putting pressure on the delicate lung tissue.   He just couldn’t breathe!

Charlie’s chest X-ray – notice how the heart is lifted from the sternum – a very common X-ray finding with pneumothorax.

After a generous amount of pain medications, Dr. Caudy and two of Village Gate’s registered veterinary technicians, Theresa and Ashley, performed thoracentesis on Charlie. This is a procedure where the air was drawn out of the chest through the chest wall.   Dr. Caudy removed 2.3 liters of air (imagine more than a 2L bottle of soda!!!). Charlie could breathe again.

He was transferred to MedVet for further care.   There he was diagnosed with ruptured lung bullae (abnormal, weak, balloon like sacs in the lung tissue).   MedVet’s surgical team removed the affected lung lobe the next morning.

The problem is fixed, but poor Charlie has a long road to recovery. He was treated in MedVet’s ICU for several days before going home to be nursed by his foster mom.   But – once he is recovered he is going to feel WONDERFUL! We are optimistic that Charlie will be able to exercise and breathe better than ever before.

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