Autumn Pet Hazards

Autumn is here, and with it comes a few pet-specific hazards to be aware of. Here, your Upper Arlington, OH veterinarian lists some of the most common and tells you how to help your pet avoid the danger.

School Supplies

Do you have young children that have returned to school recently? Be sure not to leave supplies like glue sticks, markers, crayons, pencils and pens, or scissors lying around on the floor. Pets could choke on these items, and glue sticks could even poison an animal. Scissors, of course, present a laceration hazard.


Autumn usually sees an increased use in pesticides, as insects and wild rodents infiltrate our homes seeking warmth. Remember that pest control products are poisons, designed to kill the creatures who come in contact with them. Don’t let your pet anywhere near pesticides, and ask your pet about non-toxic alternatives that may be a better option.

Heating Devices

Some homeowners set up portable heaters around their home to ward off the autumn chill. You may also be ready to light up the fireplace. Ensure that your pet doesn’t get too close to these areas, as many pets can mistakenly burn themselves by swiping a paw or tail into the hot area.


Fall is prime-time for snake bites, since snakes are preparing for their winter hibernations and are extra grumpy as a result. Don’t let your pet explore dark nooks and crannies, thick underbrush, or heavily wooded areas alone. Be sure to ask your vet about any types of venomous or non-venomous snakes common in your area.

Other wild animals, like raccoons or opossums, are also active in the autumn season. These critters have been known to get into fights with pets, and they may transmit dangerous diseases. Supervise your pet constantly while outdoors to avoid any danger from wild animals.

Halloween Hazards

Halloween is coming up fast—is your pet prepared? First of all, make sure access to the treat bowl is completely restricted, as chocolate and candy are big no-no’s for animals. Also use caution if you plan on dressing your pet up in their very own Halloween costume; some costumes have small parts that can be chewed off, swallowed, and choked on. Plus, some pets are greatly stressed out by wearing costumes, especially if they’re too tight or too baggy.

Call your Upper Arlington, OH animal hospital today for more pet safety tips.