What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Reptile!

Reptiles are wonderful, beautiful, and unique pets that can be very rewarding to own.  There can be a lot of things to consider before owning a reptile.  The following information will go over some of the most important things to expect before you decide to own one of these creatures.


1.  Expect to do A LOT of research!  Every reptile is different.  From snake to iguana, from tortoise to gecko, their needs vary greatly from one species to another.  Be prepared to research your desired species to be sure they will be a good fit for your home and lifestyle, so you can enter ownership prepared and ready to take on your new pet!

2. Expect an investment!  Reptiles require a lot of equipment to keep them the healthiest they can be.  Most reptiles are not native to this area and need many things to keep them healthy and happy including a large enclosure, heat support, light sources that emit special UVB rays, filters, and other objects to keep them as healthy as possible.

3. Expect a varied diet!  Whether your pet is a vegetarian, a carnivore, or eats both, expect to offer a wide variety of food to keep them healthy.  Most pet stores offer commercial pellets that are made for your species, but in addition to these commercial diets many need fresh fruits or veggies or even insects and whole prey to stay healthy and get the nutrients they need.  Be prepared to offer what your specific pet needs.

4. Expect the need for veterinary care!  Reptiles can become affected by many different conditions including infections, reproductive issues, and vitamin deficiencies to name a few.  Be prepared to take your pet to the vet if there are any concerns regarding your pet’s health.

5. Expect a long life span!  Many reptiles live for a long time, up to 30-50 years!  Be sure you are prepared for a long term commitment before purchasing your pet.

6. Expect to have fun with your pet!  Reptiles can be so rewarding to own.  They are a lot of fun and have very unique personalities.  As long as they are well cared for they can be a very unique and happy addition to your family for a long time!

iguana 1

As always, if you have any questions about obtaining or owning a reptile, please feel free to call our clinic and speak with Dr. Birkhead!