Keeping Your Pet Safe on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day arrives on the 14th of the month. Are you planning a romantic evening? Make sure your pet stays safe from the various hazards of the holiday! Learn more here from your vet in Upper Arlington, OH.

Holiday Treats

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate. As you probably know, chocolate is very bad for pets; it contains caffeine and theobromine, chemicals that cause toxic reactions in animals. This goes for chocolate of all types, including dark, milk, semi-sweet, white, baker’s, and others. Don’t allow your pet to ingest chocolate of any kind.

Candy is also dangerous for pets, as it may be sweetened with an artificial sugar called xylitol that is toxic to our animal companions. Very small amounts of xylitol can lead to serious health problems, so keep all candies far out of your pet’s reach this holiday.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is another common human food around Valentine’s Day, and it’s equally bad for our four-legged friends. Alcohol affects pets the same way it affects humans; the difference is that it only takes small amounts to result in organ damage and other severe health issues. Never leave drinks unattended, as some pets won’t be shy about taking a sip. This rule applies to beer, liquor, wine, champagne, and even certain foods cooked with alcohol, like soaked pastries or glazed items.


Are you going to be setting up candles to effect a romantic holiday atmosphere? Place them cautiously, because pets can easily swipe an errant tail through an open flame, possibly causing burns or startling your pet into knocking the candle over. It’s even possible for pets to start house fires by knocking over lit candles! Keep a close eye on all candles and place them where pets aren’t likely to go.


If your holiday includes unclipped roses, take caution. The thorns of these flowers can be very sharp, and it’s possible for curious pets to nibble on them, possibly causing lacerations or puncturing of the intestinal lining. It’s best to keep any roses out of your pet’s reach. Also remember that lilies, which may be found in bouquets this time of year, are toxic to cats and may harm our canine companions as well.

With a few simple precautions, you can avoid a pet emergency on Valentine’s Day and focus on the romance instead. Call your Upper Arlington, OH veterinarian for more great pet safety tips!