Gardening With Dogs

Do you enjoy gardening? If so, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in your yard this spring. Your loyal canine pal will no doubt be underfoot when you’re working in your garden, and may be more than willing to help out. Unfortunately, Fido’s gardening efforts don’t always go over so well with his human buddies. We are here to help! Below, an Upper Arlington, OH vet offers advice on gardening with Fido.

Doggy Play Zone

One great way to keep your pooch out of your plants is to section off your yard. Use one area for your garden, and make Fido his own doggy play zone in another. Offer your pooch a sandbox to bury toys and treats in. Make sure he has plenty of shade, a comfy shelter, and fresh water.

Garden Design

Do you want your pooch to have access to your entire yard? You can still have a great garden. Just design your garden with your playful pet in mind. Watch Fido when he’s in the yard, and observe his behavior and doggy traffic patterns. Try to avoid planting in your pup’s favorite areas.

Container Gardening

Use borders, such as a low fence, to keep Fido out of fragile beds. Raised beds can also help. Another great option is to plant a box garden, vertical garden, or container garden instead of standard beds. You may be surprised at how attractive your yard can look, and how much produce you can get! Bonus: many of these options use less water than a regular garden.

Puppy Playtime!

Before heading out to the garden, indulge your canine companion with a fun play session. If Fido is tired out from running after his favorite ball, he may be more interested in napping than in digging up your plants.


Avoid using mulch, particularly cocoa mulch, which is toxic to dogs. Other types of mulch are also dangerous, though, as they can pose serious choking risks. Use pea gravel, flat stones, or other materials for beds and pathways.

Plant Safely

Many of our favorite plants are poisonous to dogs. Daffodils, for instance, are very toxic to Fido. Be sure to choose only pet-safe plants. Visit the ASPCA website for a complete list of both safe and unsafe plants.

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