Help Your Pet Drop Their Excess Weight

Is your pet looking a little round near the edges? Nearly half of all domesticated pets are overweight! If your animal friend could stand to shed a few pounds, it’s time to act—follow these steps as discussed by your Upper Arlington, OH veterinary professional.

See Your Vet

First things first: pay a visit to your vet’s office to have your animal companion examined. Your veterinarian will be able to confirm whether or not your pet does actually need to lose weight, and they’ll tell you how to safely go about doing it. It can actually be harmful for a pet to shed too much weight too quickly!

Portion Control

In many cases, pets are simply overfed. This is one of the leading causes of obesity! To correct it, you may just have to lessen your animal companion’s portion size. Consult your veterinarian or take a look at the pet food packaging directions to find out what sort of portion size is appropriate for your four-legged friend. From there, your pet should start losing weight in no time.

Diet Switch

If your pet is eating a “budget” diet that contains a lot of filler material, they’re not getting the nutrients they need. They’re most likely receiving too many empty calories, ultimately contributing to unhealthy weight gain! Talk to your veterinarian to get a recommendation on a high-quality premium pet food that suits your animal friend’s breed and age.

Daily Exercise

Of course, we can’t leave out exercise. It’s simply the only way to effectively have your animal companion lose excess pounds! Take your pet on brisk walks through the neighborhood; romp around on the living-room floor; play tug-of-war or fetch in the backyard. Activities like these will help your pet burn excess calories to stay trim. It’ll also benefit your pet by keeping them mentally stimulated and allowing them to spend pent-up energy.

Table Scraps and Treats

Don’t give your pet fatty table scraps; you’re only contributing to weight gain. Also use caution when giving your animal friend treats. Make sure you’re only using them as rewards for good behavior or for training purposes. Otherwise, you’re providing your pet with a lot of empty calories!

Do you need help getting your pet to lose weight? Need further advice on your four-legged companion’s nutritional requirements? We’re here to help! Set up an appointment with your Upper Arlington, OH veterinarian right away.