Angela Virostek

Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist

Angela’s grandparents came from a ranching background, and she was always in awe of the stories she heard while growing up on her family’s rural Virginia property. She was constantly discussing horses, cattle, or sheep with her grandfather, and it didn’t take long for Angela to realize that a career in animal care would suit her well. For her, working in veterinary medicine simply makes sense!

Angela has been working in animal hospitals from the time she was in high school, when she first began as a Veterinary Assistant on a part-time basis. She’s since worked in both large- and small-animal medicine, and is now thrilled to offer her skills and services to the pets and animal owners of the Columbus area as a member of the Village Gate Animal Hospital family. Angela particularly loves the fast-paced nature of her work, and also likes putting together medical “puzzle pieces” to arrive at a proper diagnosis.

Outside of work, Angela enjoys foxhunting, hiking, attending concerts, and spending time with her own pets at home. She even occasionally rescues and rehabilitates wildlife!

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Photo of  Angela  Virostek

Malissa Potter


Malissa works as the receptionist at Village Gate Animal Hospital. She grew up in rural Northwest Ohio with her parents and older brother. She fell into the veterinary field unexpectedly through a friend and ended up loving it!

Malissa continues to be inspired by her cat Turk, who she found five years ago as a kitten. Turk was in bad shape when Malissa discovered her. She rushed the kitten to Village Gate, the doctors fixed her up, and now she’s as good as new—minus her tail and a toe!

Getting to know daycare dogs and their parents is Malissa’s favorite part of her job. She also likes helping sick animals however possible.

In addition to her calico cat Turk, Malissa owns Gray, a shy cat who is Turk’s best friend. In her spare time, Malissa likes glass blowing, camping, going to see live music, and spending time with her friends.

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Photo of  Malissa  Potter

Jessie Vanmeter

Daycare Manager, Veterinary Assistant

When her Yorkie, Charlie, came down with an illness, Jessie and her roommate had to take him to seek professional care. The compassion shown by the animal-care professionals at the hospital inspired Jessie to pursue the veterinary field herself! Now she’s able to make a difference every day here at Village Gate Animal Hospital.

Jessie is from Westerville, Ohio, and started her veterinary journey at a doggie daycare in 2006 before signing on at an animal hospital in Obetz. She moved to Montana for a few years before returning to the area and joining the Village Gate family. Jessie especially enjoys puppy and kitten wellness visits, spending time with the dogs in the clinic daycare, and making pets’ teeth sparkle with a good dental cleaning.

In addition to Charlie, Jessie lives with Tonka, a pit bull who loves destroying sticks and tennis balls, and an orange cat named Tittie. When she isn’t spending time with her beloved pets, Jessie loves cheering on the Green Bay Packers and the Ohio State Buckeyes. She considers herself very fortunate to have gone to a Packers playoff game in Green Bay, where she got to see Brett Favre play in person!

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Photo of  Jessie  Vanmeter

Sarah Petersen


Sarah is from Hilliard, Ohio, where she grew up alongside German shepherds and developed a passion for nature and wildlife early on. For her, a career in the world of animal care simply felt natural! Sarah is a receptionist with the Village Gate Animal Hospital team.

Sarah attended Ohio State University, where she obtained her degree in zoology. She joined the Village Gate Animal Hospital team after graduation and has been happily serving the pets and animal owners of the area ever since. As a receptionist here at the clinic, Sarah is particularly fond of meeting new pet owners and their four-legged companions every day.

Outside of her interests in the veterinary world, Sarah is a Star Wars fanatic and also enjoys reading, crocheting, and cross-stitching. She has one pet of her own: Jake, a loveable German shepherd who likes chasing tennis balls and eating far too many treats.

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Photo of  Sarah  Petersen

Lexie Veller


Lexie grew up on a farm in northwestern Ohio, where she spent time around everything from cats and dogs to horses, cows, and pigs. She’s adored animals ever since she can remember, and to this day has never lived without a pet! Lexie serves as one of Village Gate Animal Hospital’s front-desk receptionists.

Lexie moved to Columbus in 2010 and joined the Village Gate Animal Hospital family shortly afterward. She continues to learn something new on a daily basis, and her favorite part of the job is the strong relationships she’s able to build with the clinic’s clientele and pets.

At home, Lexie and her boyfriend live with two animal companions of their own: Quentin is a rescued 90-pound pit bull mix who loves coming to work with Lexie, and Nala the rescued cat is quite shy and prefers to spend time with Lexie’s boyfriend away from her rambunctious canine brother.

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Photo of  Lexie  Veller

Bailey King

Veterinary Technician

As a child growing up in Rockford, Ohio, Bailey was always finding little critters, bringing them home, and hiding them from her parents. From the time she could form a sentence, she knew that she would one day work with animals! Now, Bailey is truly living her dream of caring for pets every day—she’s a Veterinary Technician with the Village Gate Animal Hospital team.

Bailey began her veterinary schooling in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the summer of 2013, when she started studying at the Vet Tech Institute. From there, she moved on to complete an externship at a local animal hospital in November of 2014 before graduating with her Associate’s degree that December. In early 2015, Bailey started working for another animal clinic in the area before signing on with a larger animal hospital in Columbus, then joined the Village Gate Animal Hospital team shortly afterward.

As a Tech, Bailey has particular interests in non-routine surgeries and animal nutrition. She loves educating pet owners on the importance of diet for their four-legged friends—if she can make a difference in a pet’s long-term health, Bailey knows she’s accomplished her goal!

At home, Bailey has three pets of her own: Zane, a black Lab, has a bad habit of making everyone’s socks go missing; Sachi is a recently adopted Maltese who is completely blind; and Olive, a domestic shorthaired cat, thinks she is a lion. When she isn’t spending time with her own animal companions or caring for the area’s pets here at the clinic, Bailey enjoys playing sports and especially loves getting out on the volleyball court to relieve some stress.

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Photo of  Bailey  King