What does your dog do all day while you’re busy at work? Don’t keep them cooped up inside the house, or locked in a crate for hours on end. Bring them to our Doggie Daycare where they can learn and play to their heart’s content! All dogs need exercise, socialization and stimulation at all stages of life in order to remain happy and healthy. Our state of the art daycare facility is equipped to provide for all of these needs, with ample space to romp, play and explore. If your pet isn’t enrolled with us, they’re most certainly missing out!

Our newest doggie daycare facility, just opened in June of 2013, is located on the second floor of our building, an area which boasts new vinyl plank flooring and new vinyl double hung windows which allow plenty of natural light, as well as breezes when weather permits. In addition, the two existing daycare areas, also located on the second floor, have been renovated to match our newest addition and maximize the comfort of our guests.

Daycare participants have the opportunity to enjoy one of three different play groups. Guests are separated by size, temperament and activity level, allowing your canine to fit in perfectly with his or her group. Our spacious facility contains playground equipment that encourages frolicking. Our staff is always there to supervise the guests and to facilitate healthy interaction. And don’t worry about attention and TLC – there’s more than enough of that to go around!

Don’t make your pooch muddle through another lonely day at home. Enroll them in our doggie daycare program today!

Doggie Daycare Rules

Because your dog’s health is our utmost priority, we do have requirements for vaccinations and parasite screening in an effort to keep our facility safe for all of our guests. Daycare participants must have evidence of current vaccinations, specifically: rabies, distemper combo and bordetella. Guests must also have negative heartworm test within last year and negative fecal floatation within last 6 months.

Lastly, in order for our guests to remain safe, happy and healthy while in our care, we require that all dogs attending doggie daycare be socially comfortable interacting with other dogs. They must not be aggressive or possessive in any way. If your pooch isn’t yet at this point, we would suggest taking advantage of our behavioral counseling services.

In support of our commitment to transparency with all of our clients, our doggie daycare facility is open to client tours upon request.