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At Village Gate Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, we recognize that pets come in all shapes, sizes and species. Not everyone chooses a traditional dog or cat to share their lives with. Many people prefer their companions to be more on the exotic side. Caring for these special creatures requires a unique level of skill that not every veterinarian has. Whether your pet is covered in fur or quills, can crawl, jump or dance, if they’re special to you, they’re special to us!

Because each exotic species has its very own anatomy and physiology, providing for their medical care requires comprehensive knowledge of their unique needs. Our doctors have devoted much time and energy to providing our exotic patients with highest quality of care and we are committed to actively pursuing continuing education so that we will be able to stay abreast of all the latest advancements in exotic pet medicine. Our team will also provide you with specific advice and guidance as to the dietary, hygiene, maintenance and medical needs of your exotic friend. We want to work together to help your special creature enjoy many happy, healthy years by your side.

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