Essential Nutrients for Your Adult Cat

Your newly adopted cat Lola deserves the best life you can give her. You’ve purchased two soft, comfy beds and assorted toys and collars, all designed to spoil Lola absolutely rotten. However, you’re a bit confused about Lola’s diet. Since you’re visiting your Grandview veterinarian for Lola’s comprehensive physical exam, you’ll also ask him to recommend a diet that will help her thrive.


High-Quality Proteins

Lola needs sufficient high-quality protein for her cells, tissues, and organs to function normally. Animal-sourced proteins such as turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, fish, and eggs are ideal, as they contain complete amino acids. Remembering back to biology class, amino acids form the foundation of proteins, and are divided into essential and non-essential types. Because Lola’s body doesn’t make the essential amino acids she needs, she’ll need to get those in her diet.


Energy-Rich Carbohydrates

Lola’s carbohydrate consumption provides energy that fuels her body’s tissues and helps to keep her intestinal system healthy. Carbs also play a role in Lola’s reproductive cycle, which might be less important since you’ve gotten her spayed. While no minimum feline carb requirement has been established, Lola must get a certain amount of glucose to provide energy to life-sustaining organs such as her brain.


Multifunctional Fats

Lola’s dietary fats serve several functions. Fats help insulate her body and protect her internal organs against injury. Fats also play a vital role in maintaining Lola’s cell structures, and have become known as the most dense type of food energy.


Minerals and Vitamins

Minerals help to form the foundation of Lola’s teeth and bones, which enable her to eat and provide structure to her body. Lola also needs sufficient minerals to keep her body fluids balanced and keep her metabolism functioning correctly. Vitamins also help Lola’s metabolism to keep humming along smoothly.


Life-Sustaining Water

Lola’s body simply can’t function without water. In fact, life-sustaining water comprises 60% to 70% of Lola’s adult cat body weight, and she must always have clean water available to her. If Lola experiences a 10% decrease in her body’s water, she’ll become extremely ill. A 15% reduction in body water will probably kill her.


Fortunately, your Grandview vet can recommend a balanced diet that addresses Lola’s nutritional needs and physical activity level. After all, he wants Lola to remain healthy so she can spend many happy years with your family.