Shyness in Dogs

Does your dog get uneasy or run and hide when people visit your Grandview home? If your furry friend acts friendly and loving towards you, but changes his behavior around strangers, he could have fear or anxiety issues. Your canine pal’s panic may not be easily identifiable as such, however, because dogs show their fear in different ways. Dogs that are extremely timid may run and hide when frightened, which is easy to read, but others will bark, drool, urinate, shed, or even growl, bark, or snap in reaction to fear.

Size is not a factor in a dog’s fearfulness. Huge dogs can be very shy, and there are some tiny dogs out there that are afraid of absolutely nothing. There can be many reasons for Fido’s nervousness. Shy dogs who have puppies will sometimes teach their young ones to fear humans. Physical conditions can also contribute to fearfulness in dogs. A dog with hearing issues or poor sight, for instance, may overreact out of distress. If your dog was rescued from unhappy conditions, his past may play a large role in his fearful demeanor. Canines can also be prone to shyness if they were not properly socialized as puppies.

If you know or suspect your dog frightens easily, there are some things you can do to help Fido get over his anxiety. Try to figure out what makes Fido uneasy. If you can pinpoint the issue, you’ll be able to research a specific strategy. Picking up a few dog behavior books may prove extremely enlightening, though you may wish to enlist the aid of a professional trainer if your pup is extremely shy.

There are some key do’s and don’ts to follow with shy dogs. Don’t bring a bashful pup to crowded places. The amount of people could scare him, and aggravate his fears. If you have company over, don’t force your pooch to socialize. If Fido wants to hide, let him. Talk to your furry pal frequently in a calm, gentle voice, and reward all good behavior, no matter how small, with attention, praise, or treats. Time itself can often be a huge help.

If your dog scares easily, he needs your love and support more than anything else. Soothing the fears of a timid dog can be a long, slow process, and your furry pal may always be a bit shy, but canines, like humans, can overcome many obstacles. He’ll repay your patience with unconditional love and loyalty.

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