Best Treats for Birds

Are you sharing your home with a cute little feathered buddy? Birds are fascinating and beautiful creatures, and make wonderful pets for the right person. Like all pets, these colorful beauties love to have special treats. In this article, your local veterinarian Grandview goes over some options on some safe treats your pet will love.


There are many types of fruits you can feed a pet bird. Your little buddy will also benefit from the vitamins and minerals in fruits. Mangos, bananas, grapes, and apples are just a few options. You can also get your pet freeze-dried fruits for a special treat!


Birds love pasta! Your pet can enjoy either cooked or uncooked pasta. Mix it with some veggies for additional nutrition.


Veggies are just as good for birds as they are for us! Birds usually love peas, asparagus, and carrots, but you can also give your feathered buddy broccoli, or cauliflower, as well as other veggies. You might find that your bird even loves hot peppers!


Cooked beans are actually a great treat for birds. You can try giving your bird a bean soup mix. Just be sure it is unseasoned, thoroughly cooked, and cool enough for your pet to eat safely. A word of caution: never feed a bird raw or dried beans, as uncooked beans are extremely toxic to our feathered friends.

Bread, Grains, and Cereal

Whole grains are excellent treats for birds. Give your feathered friend some shredded wheat or plain oats. Chances are, your little pet will love it! Small bits of whole-grain bread are another great option. Unseasoned plain or whole-wheat crackers are also a hit with our avian friends.


Nuts are another one of Birdy’s favorite snacks. You’ll want to be sure not to overindulge your little pet with too many nuts, as they are very high in fat, but an occasional unsalted nut is fine. Giving the nut to your pet with the shell on will give your pet both a treat and a toy all in one! Avoid peanuts, as they are toxic to birds.

What to Avoid

There are definitely some things you should never give birds. Chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, and any sugary, salty, or fatty foods are all bad for birds. Apple seeds are also a no-no, as are garlic, onion, mushrooms, tomato leaves, and guacamole.

Always remove any uneaten bits from your pet’s cage immediately, as they will begin to harbor dangerous bacteria if allowed to rot. Wash all fruits and veggies carefully before giving them to your pet, and choose organic foods whenever possible.

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