Animal Friendships

Do your furkids get along? Perhaps your dog and cat like to snuggle up together, or maybe Fido enjoys the company of your bird. These types of bonds aren’t exactly the norm, but they aren’t uncommon either. Household pets not only form tight bonds with their human families, they often become fast friends with their furred or feathered siblings! In fact, sometimes an animal’s best buddy is of an entirely different species! In In this article, your Upper Arlington vet lists a few of the most heartwarming cases of unlikely friendships.

Tarra and Bella

Tarra the Elephant and Bella the dog don’t seem, at first glance, to be a likely pair of pals. These two, however, couldn’t be closer. In fact, when canine Bella was hurt, her buddy Tarra stayed faithfully outside the building where Tarra was recuperating!

Jack and Kitty

Brave Jack, a rescued Pit Bull, went to live with his ‘grandparents’ when his owner was deployed. This turned out to be a lifesaving change for their feline, Kitty. When Kitty was attacked by coyotes, Jack jumped to the rescue and saved his little buddy from certain death!

Fum and Gerba

Fum, a cute black kitty, loves to spend time with his best friend Gerba, who just happens to be an owl! The videos of these two are so adorable that they went viral!

Terfel and Pawditat

Pawditat, a cute stray, has changed the world for Terfel, a blind Lab mix, who used to be depressed and very limited because of his disability. Against all odds, these two formed such a close bond that Pawditat now acts as a guide kitty for the sweet pup, and helps her canine friend find his way around.

Kara and Melba

Kitty Kara and her best friend Melba, a rabbit, may have come from very different walks of life, but they have a lot in common. Both rescued, these two are now the best of friends!

These are just a few of the examples of amazing and unlikely friendships. Animals are truly capable of unconditional love. Our furred, feathered, and winged pals not only enrich our lives with their devotion, they also serve as a true example of friendship!

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