National Pet ID Week

Did you know that National Pet ID is coming up April 25? Making sure that your pet has proper ID is very important to your furbaby’s safety, and can even save their life. In this article, your local Upper Arlington veterinarian discusses pet identification.


Microchipping is one of the best things you can do for your pet’s welfare. Pets that are lost or stolen are much more likely to be reunited with their owners if they are microchipped. Microchips are particularly important with theft, as collars can be easily removed. A microchip can become the only way to prove a pet’s true ownership in these instances. The chip is about the size of a grain of rice, and will be inserted under your pet’s skin with a hypodermic needle. The process is quick and painless, and as simple as getting a shot. If your furbaby isn’t microchipped yet, get this done as soon as possible! If your pet is chipped, make sure to keep the records up to date.

ID Tags

Unfortunately, studies show that only one in three pets wear their identifications. Make sure Fido has his collar on at all times! If your pet is ever lost or runs away, that tag could prove invaluable. The tags should include your name, your pet’s name, your phone number and address, and any important medical information, such as required medication. Rabies tags are also required in most areas. You should always keep copies of your pet’s vaccinations in a sealed plastic bag.


Your furry friend should always wear a collar. Don’t use a choke chain as an ID collar. Buckle collars are safer and better. Kitties can have collars or harnesses. Remember to check your pet’s collars regularly, and replace them when they get worn.

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