The Loyalty of Dogs

Our canine friends are amazing animals. Their undying loyalty and devotion truly have earned them the title of Man’s Best Friend. In this article, your local Upper Arlington vet goes over some truly extraordinary examples of the loyalty of dogs.

Lao Pan

The story of this loyal pooch is truly extraordinary! Lao Pan was an average man, but he had a truly amazing dog. When Lao Pan died, his devoted canine pal stayed true, even after his master’s death. The pooch laid at his human pal’s gravesite, even though there was no food or water there. Local villagers noticed the dog’s amazing dedication, and began to leave food and water for him. Eventually, they built him a kennel at the site.


You may have seen photos of this loyal pooch, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they brought tears to your eyes. Hawkeye was a military dog, whose best friend was Jon Tomlinson, a U.S. Navy SEAL. When Tomlinson was killed in action, Hawkeye was devastated. The photos of the grieving pooch lying beside his human friend’s casket went viral, and are truly heartbreaking. Today, Hawkeye lives with one of Tomlinson’s closest friends.


This is one more example of dogs’ amazing dedication and love for their human masters. Loyal Bobbie made an amazing, 2500-mile road trip to return home after becoming separated from his master on a road trip. It took this wonderful pup six months to get back home, but this devoted dog never gave up.


Did you know there was a real Fido? This loyal pooch lost his master in 1943. The devoted pup never stopped hoping that his human friend would come home, however: he visited the bus stop his owner used every day until his own death. What an amazing example of canine love!

Do you have a loyal pooch? If so, you are truly blessed. An animal’s love is one of the greatest things in life.

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