Keeping Your Bunny Entertained

Are you adopting a bunny? These adorable little furballs make very cute and fun pets, and are beloved furry family members in many homes. Bunnies do have some very specific care requirements, however. To keep Floppy happy and healthy, you’ll need to provide your playful pet with lots of entertainment options. You don’t want a bored bunny on your hands! In this article, an Upper Arlington, OH, veterinarian offers some options for amusing your furball.


Many pocket pets love tunnels and mazes, and bunnies are no exception. Floppy might really enjoy a kitty tunnel to play in! You can also make bunny tunnels out of boxes, PVC pipe, or even newspaper.


Make sure Floppy has plenty of playthings. Many toys that are made for cats or birds, such as wooden ladders, are both safe and fun for rabbits. Children’s wooden blocks are another good option. Change Floppy’s toys out frequently, so she doesn’t get bored!

Chew Toys

Bunnies have open-rooted teeth, so they must chew constantly to keep those choppers in shape. Floppy will need plenty of chew toys! Wood, wicker, straw, cardboard, and even paper are all suitable materials for toys you can buy or make for your furry friend.

Obstacle Courses

Bunnies love to hop and jump! Make Floppy a little obstacle course. You can use an ottoman, plastic totes, or plain cardboard boxes. Incorporate mazes and tunnels to make it even more fun for your furry buddy.

Food Fun

Toys that incorporate snacks are lots of fun for bunnies! Stuff hay or bunny-safe veggies into a sock or the tube from a toilet paper roll, or crumple plain paper around a treat. You can also grow bunny-safe herbs in miniature pots on your windowsill, and give Floppy the whole pot. Another cute option is to hang a piece of sisal rope between two chairs. Use clothespins to attach carrots or leafy greens.


Always put your furry pal’s safety first and foremost. Never give Floppy toys with small pieces that could choke her, and avoid anything with sharp edges. Choose safe woods, and avoid playthings that are coated with stains, dyes, glitter, glue, paint, or varnish. Even plastic can be dangerous if Floppy eats it!

Do you have questions about your rabbit’s health, care, or behavior? Contact us! As your local Upper Arlington, OH, veterinary clinic, we are here to help!