Tips for Getting Holiday Pet Photos

Do you have a tradition of taking holiday photos every year? This is a great thing to send friends and family that don’t live nearby. Of course, our animal companions are also part of the family, and are quite photogenic! Read on for some tips on taking holiday pet photos from an Upper Arlington, OH vet.


There are lots of cute ways you can get a festive shot of your cat. Make Fluffy a comfy spot under the tree to nap in, and wait until she is asleep. Or, put her in front of the tree, and dangle a cute toy in front of her. (Tip: adjust your focus settings, so that the background is slightly blurred.) If your cat has a knack for looking away as you are about to take her picture, download a pet camera, or hold a squeaky toy in your hand. Noise may help get your kitty’s attention.


Fido may look adorable with reindeer antlers on. You can find doggy antlers at many pet stores. You can also get a little outfit for him, assuming he doesn’t mind clothes. Of course, a picture of your canine buddy just sitting in front of the tree would also be adorable!

Pocket Pets

These little furballs can take really cute photos! Put a Santa hat on your bunny, or get a picture of your gerbil on a tiny sleigh. When taking pictures of pocket pets, use the macro setting, if you have one. This works better than the zoom for close-ups.


While you may not have much luck putting a Santa hat on a snake or lizard, try snapping a shot of your exotic pet next to a small tree or knick-knack. If you’re taking pictures of your pet inside the cage, hold the camera at an angle. This will help reduce reflective glare.


If you’re using props, keep a close eye on your pet, so they don’t try to play with their backdrops. Just to be on the safe side, avoid using anything small or sharp, as well as anything with dangling threads that could entangle a playful furball. If you put clothes on your animal companion for photo time, take them off as soon as you have the picture.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Upper Arlington, OH pet clinic, anytime. We are here to help!