5 Pet Swimming Safety Tips

As the summer heats up, you and your furry buddy will likely want to cool off in a pool. Although it’s in their name, not all dogs–or pets–know how to “doggy paddle,” so use caution when swimming with your four-legged buddy. Here are five tips to keep your pet safe when swimming.

#1: Provide clean drinking water

If your thirsty pet enters a pool or another body of water, they are more likely to drink chemical-laden or contaminated water. Always provide lots of fresh water to fulfill your pet’s thirst before and after swimming.


#2: Make sure your pet is wearing a life jacket

If your pet is in deep water, make sure they wear a life jacket rather than relying exclusively on their swimming abilities to keep them afloat. Put on the vest before entering the water so your pet can become used to it.


#3: Never leave your pet unsupervised in water

Pets can worry if left alone in water, so keep a close eye on your furry friend while they swim.


#4: Teach your pet how to get out of the pool

If your pet falls into your pool while you are not present, they may not be able to get out without assistance. Make sure you have a stable set of steps that your pet can use to get out of the pool and that they know how to utilize them.


#5: After swimming, thoroughly rinse your pet

After a swim in a pool or lake, chemicals, viruses, and general dirt and debris can make their way into your pet’s thick fur. After swimming, thoroughly rinse your pet’s skin to prevent them from brushing these pollutants off their body.


Accidents can happen near bodies of water, especially if your pet leans in for a drink and doesn’t know how to swim. Contact our staff if your pet has a water-related emergency this summer.